WINEMAKER / Proprietor


"Why are my wines different? I bring my French training and approach to winemaking and apply them to the extraordinary single-vineyard terroirs of Northern California.  And I’m always thinking about food when I make wines:  it is very important for a Frenchman that a wine pairs well with his repas. I like to think my wines are soulful and distinctive, and I hope you will agree with me once you’ve tasted them." 





"When Yannick and I were getting to know each other (late-night dinners, wine and talk), I began to realize how much we shared a common desire to create something meaningful out of this life. And so, with a passion for family, roots, and hard work, I am proud of what we’ve accomplished. Maybe we are a little crazy, but hey, life’s too short to not heed the calling! I love Yannick’s wines, but even more, I love the heart and soul he puts into them."

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